Transformers: Prime Season 3 Episode 1

22 Mar

Transformers: Prime Season 3 Episode 1

Chapter 1: Director

It has been a few hours since the Decepticons made residence on Earth and the Autobots were scattered in the states, leaving Optimus behind to prevent Megatron and his cronies from finding them and destroyed the ground bridge before the base blew up with him in it. Though throughout the chaos, another evil is at work outside this war. In an abandon airfield in the forest area of Montana, a search and rescue squad was dispatched in search of survivors. This unit works for none other then MECH, an underground terrorist group who uses the latest technology for world domination. They were there because of an attack that happened over a week ago and there were no communications from the base since then. So a unit was sent to see what happened to the base. What they found was truly shocking. Within the bunker, they found the place a complete mess. The terminals were smashed, debris was everywhere, equipment fried, and bodies of doctors and soldiers were burnt and killed. It was horrific. Just as they thought all hope was lost…

Transformers: Prime Season 3 Episode 1

A group of soldiers heard their comrade’s plea and rushed in to help him. When they went behind a slab that was toppled over, they saw one of their own in constant fear. His uniform was burned in a fire while his left arm had 70 degree burns, he had a gash on his right soldier, his right ankle was broken, and he had a concussion but he was fully aware of where he was. It was a miracle that someone would survive an attack like that after all these days, yet here he is, alive and well. So immediately, they help him up and took him to a nearby chopper, where it would take him to one of MECH’s bases of operations and give him immediate medical attention.

Transformers: Prime Season 3 Episode 1

Allow me to be the first to sympathize with you on the incident that transpired a week ago. And for those of you that were unaware of what happened, let me make it brief. Last week, there was a mysterious attack in one of our research facilities in Montana. This facility was being used for Project Chimera, operated by one of our own generals, Colonel Leland “Silas” Bishop. Though not much is known in this attack, we do know so far that it was an inside job and it happened without warning. A search and rescue unit was dispatched to find any survivors within the attack. We’ve managed to find one of the soldiers still alive, but there was no sign of Silas. The soldier is already being treated as we speak. Once he’s fully recovered, he will talk to you about the incident and perhaps give us a clue on what happened to the general in charge of the operation. Though, I fear that Silas must’ve had something to do with this attack.

 Transformers: Prime Season 3 Episode 1




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